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         Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad  |  കേരള ശാസ്ത്രസാഹിത്യ പരിഷത്ത് 

                                        Science for Social Revolution |  ശാസ്ത്രം സാമൂഹ്യവിപ്ലവത്തിന്


About KSSP

The original objective at the time of the founding of Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP) was limited to publishing scientific literature in Malayalam, the local language, and popularizing science. However it was soon realized that publication and giving lessons alone were not enough to popularise science and extend its benefits to the common people. KSSP held that a privileged minority was monopolising the benefits of science and technology and it results for their own profit at the expense of the majority. KSSP chose as its mission, the challenge of arming the people with the tools of science and technology so that they can reverse this process. Thus in 1972, KSSP decided to become a People’s Science Movement and adopted “science for social revolution” as its motto.   Over the past four decades it has grown into  a massive people’s science movement, with a membership of about 40,000 drawn from all walks of life and distributed in about 2000 units within the state of Kerala. Over these years, it has also expanded its fields of interests and activities to almost all fields of human endeavor. The KSSP is involved, broadly in three types of activities: educative, agitate, and constructive, in areas like environment, health, education, energy, literacy, micro planning and development in general.   Presently Kavumbai Balakrishnan is the president and T.P.Sreesankar is the General Secretary. Intellectuals such as M.P.Parameswaran, Prof. M.K.Prasad, Dr.R.V.G.Menon, Dr. B. Ekbal etc. had been past presidents of the organization.


  • Popularise science and scientific outlook among the people.
  •     Develop a sense of optimism in them, instill in them a sense of self -confidence that they can change the world and can build a better tomorrow.
  •     Expose and oppose the abuse of scientific knowledge detrimental to the interests of the majority.
  •     Expose and oppose the abuse of environment.
  •     Propose and help implement, alternative modes for development, with emphasis on equity and sustainability.
  •     Carry out R&D work to transform lab technologies in to mass technologies
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Views of KSSP

The KSSP views Indian society as one that is divided into two groups:  a minority, which is continuously getting richer and a majority which is
continuously getting impoverished or face the threat of impoverishment.
It understands that today science and technology serve as efficient
tools in the hands of the minority, the haves, in exploiting the
majority, the have-nots. We take, on every issue, a stand partisan to
this majority consequently against the minority. It strives to arm the
majority with the weapon of science and technology in their fight
against impoverishment, against the exploiters. Educating people is
enhancing their power to understand -and analyze social issues in a
scientific way and help them to playa more active role in transforming
the society. If science and technology become a tool in the hands of
the majority, that will bring about a radical change in the society.
Hence KSSP slogan “Science for Social Revolution” is all about.

Structure of KSSP

The KSSP has a four tier structure:
  • Units  :- functioning at the village level in an area of 10-20 sq. km.
  • Sub-regional committees [meghala committee] :- catering to about 10-15 units
  • District committees (14)  :- One committee in a district. Office on the district is called parishad bhavan
  • State committee : - Office - parishad bhavan , chalappuram, kozhikode
President,Vice-presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer and 3 Secretaries are the office bearers at the state level. Elections are held every year.  No one holds the same office for more than two terms.


The KSSP has more than 40,000 members, all of them working on a voluntary basis. The most predominant group is that of unemployed educated youth the next being teachers. Among the leadership, teachers outnumber everybody. In the State Executive Committee, they constitute nearly fifty percent.  But KSSP embraces all sections of society as their members come from all walks of life: engineers, doctors, lawyers, agricultural workers, administrators, technicians, nurses, teachers,  peasants, students, scientists, political activists, social activists,
Science for Social Revolution / ശാസ്ത്രം സാമൂഹ്യ വിപ്ലവത്തിന്