AIPSC 2010

13 All India Peoples Science Congress: Programme at a Glance
27-31st December, 2010
Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, Kerala

                       Note: All Programmes will be in Sree Kerala Varma College, except the sub-congresses on Decentralisation and on Agriculture,                    .....................             . including the workshops, which will be organised in the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Thrissur. 


27th December, 2010

 Opening Plenary (1.00 pm – 3.30 pm)
 Chairperson: Sri.C.P.Narayanan (President, AIPSN)
 Keynote Presentations:
·        Dr.Thomas Isaac (Finance Minister, Kerala)
·        Dr.A.Gopalakrishnan (former Chairman, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board)
·        Dr.Prajval Shastri (Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore)
    Presentation of Choral song

Inaugural March by Delegates followed by Cultural Presentations

(4.00 pm to 7.00 pm)

28th December, 2010

 Organisational Sesion: Learning From the Past and Looking to the Future

 Peoples Science Movement’s Perspective (9.00 am to 12.00 noon)

 ·        Brief Presentations of Perspective paper
 ·    Brief Comments by discussants (those who would have circulated their papers)
 ·       General discussions from the floor

 Presentations on Organisational Perspective followed by Discussions from the floor 
(1.00 pm to 3.30 pm)
 Group Discussions in 8 Groups (4.00 pm to 8.00 pm)

 29th December, 2010

 Sub-Congress on Decentralization and Democratizationn

 Plenary (9.00 am – 10.30 am)
Chairperson: Prof.N.Remakantan
Co-ordinator: T.Gangadharan

 Plenary Presentations:
 ·        Centre-state relations and fiscal decentralization with special reference to Kerala Prof.M.A.Oommen
 ·        Decentralisation in India-status and the way ahead
      S.M.Vijayanand, IAS

 Workshops (1.00 pm to 3.30 pm)

 1. Decentralization and Women Empowerment
Chairperson:      Sarada Muralidharan IAS;         Co-ordinator: Smt.Meera Bai, KSSP
Presentations:    Dr.K.N.Lalitha Bai, KILA; Meera, HGVS; Manjula Behra, PBVM; 
                        Dr.Retnaraj, KILA; K.Rajesh, KSSP.

 2. National Rural Employment Guarantee Sscheme (NREGS) and Panchayati Raj
Chairperson:      J.K.Neela, Karnataka;               Co-ordinator: K.H.Girish, BGVS Karnataka
Presentations:    Dr.K.N.Chatterjee, Jharkhand; Shyam Bhore, M.P.; K.Sureshbabu, KILA;
                        K.Venkatesan, Tamilnadu

 3. Co-operative Movement and Decentralisation
Co-ordinator:     P.Ramesh, JVV
Presentations:    Prof.P.K.Ravindran; Dr.J.B.Rajan, KILA
 4. Experiences and challenges of Technology Application in Decentralization
Chairperson: K.P.Raghunath, CERD                  Co-ordinator:     Joginder Walia, STD, HP. 
Presentations: CTD; STD; CERD; IRTC; MPVS
 5. Convergence in Development
Chairperson: Dr.K.N.Chatterjee, BGVS J’Khand                        Co-ordinator: Vijay Patel, MP BGVS
Presentations: MP BGVS; BGVS Jharkhand; BGVS Bihar; BGVS Orissa

Sub Congress on Agriculture and Food Security

 Plenary: Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture (10.30 am to 12 noon)
Chairperson: Dr. Venugopal Rao
Co-ordinator: Dinesh Abrol

 Plenary Presentations
 ·        Introduction
      Dinesh Abrol, Delhi Science Forum
·        Planning for Agriculture: 
       Prof.Prabhat Patnaik, Kerala Planning Board
·        Biotechnology and Agriculture 
      Dr.S. Krishnaswamy, Madurai University 
·        Sustainable Agricultural Practices
      R. Rukmani, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
·        Ecological Perspective in Agriculture
      Dr.Parthib Basu, Kolkata University

 Workshops (4.00 pm – 6.30 pm)

 1. Bio Farm Workshop on Ecological Perspective in Agriculture
Chairperson:      Dr.S.Krishnaswamy                  Co-ordinator: Parthib Basu
Presentations:    Parthib Basu, PBVM; Dr.V.K.Pillai, Vivekananda Kendra;
                        Siraj, GEAG, T.P Raghunath, PSF; Chandersekhar, CSA

 2. Rural Women  and value added opportunities in Agriculture and Allied Sectors
Presentations:    Vijaylakshmi, JVV; S.P. S Guleria, HGVS; Rajinder Singh, 
                        Archana Prasad, DSF; Ramesh, HVM; Rajinder Singh, HGVS;  Suresh Sharma, MPVS

 3. Institutional and Policy Reforms for Food & Livelihood Security
Chairperson:      George Thomas                         Co-ordinator: Tapan Mishra, PBVM
Presentations:    R. Rukmani, MSSRF; Alex, KSSP; Tapan Mishra, PBVM;
                        Jiju P Alex, KSSP; O.P. Bhurartia, HGVS; T.P. Raghunath, PSF

 4. Biotechnology and Agriculture: Assessment of alternatives under development in Public Sector and Agribusiness
Co-ordinator:     Dr.Venugopal Rao, JVV
Presentations:  Prasad Rao, JVV; Satya Prasad, JVV; Dinesh Abrol, DSF;
                        K.D. Verma, HGVS; George Thomas, KSSP

Sub-Congress on S&T, Emerging Technologies and Self Reliance

 Plenary (9.00 am to 10.30 am)
 Chairperson: Prof.Sabyasachi Chatterjee, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
 Plenary Presentations
 ·        Self Reliance in the Context of Neoliberal Economic Policies
      Prabir Purkayastha, Delhi Science Forum
·        New Technologies: Promises and Pitfalls
      Dr.B.Ekbal, KSSP and former VC, Kerala University
·        Self Reliance and the debate on Nuclear Technology in India
      Dr.Gopalakrisnan, former Chairman, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

 Workshops (1.00 pm to 3.30 pm)
 1. Free and Open Source Software
‘Teach in’ Organised by Movement for Free Software in India (MFSI)
 2. Contours of the Debate on GM Technologies
Presentations:    Prabir Purkayastha, DSF; B.Ekbal, KSSP (followed by open discussions)
 3. Intellectual Property: Fencing of the Knowledge Commons
Presentations:    Amit Sengupta, DSF; Amitava Guha, FMRAI; 
                        K.M.Gopakumar, Third World Network

Sub-Congress on Environment, Climate Change and Development
 Plenary (10.30 am – 12 noon)

 Plenary Presentations:
 ·        Overview of Environmental Problems in India
       D.Raghunandan, Delhi Science Forum
 ·        The Politics of Climate Change and India’s Position
      Prof.T.Jayaraman, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
 ·        Ecology and Economy in the era of Liberalisation
      Dr.Vinod Raina, BGVS

Workshops: (4.00 pm – 6.30 pm)

 1. Teach in on Climate Change
Co-ordinated by Prof.T.Jayaraman
 2. Environmental Issues in Different States
State presentations co-ordinated by Tapan Sarma, BGVS, Assam
 3. Safeguarding the Commons: Water resources in India

 30th December, 2010

Sub-Congress on Education
Plenary (9.00 am – 10.30 am)
Chairperson:                 Sh. C. P. Narayanan
Co-ordinator:               Ms. Asha Mishra

 Plenary Presentations:
·        Perspective on Education                           
       Dr. M. P. Parameswaran, KSSP
·        Right to Education                          
       Dr. Veena Gupta, BGVS U.P.
·        Continuing Education and Saakshar Bharat  
       K. K. Krishnakumar, KSSP
·        States Perspective                                      
       K. T. Radhakrishnan
Workshops (4.00 pm – 6.30 pm)
 1. Monitoring and Implementing of RTE Act
Chairperson:      Ms. Asha Mishra
Presentations:    C. Ramakrishnan, KSSP; Blorin Mohanty, BGVS Orissa;
                        Shafiq Rehmani, MP BGVS, Dr. Veena Gupta, BGVS U.P.

 2. Continuing Education and Saakshar Bharat
Chairperon:       Dr. D. Barkataki, BGVS Assam
Presentations    Dr. O. P. Bhuraita, Himachal BGVS; Ms. Komal Srivastava, BGVS Rajasthan;  
                       Dr. Pramod Gouri, Haryana BGVS; Dr. B. G. Mazumdar, BGVS Tripura;
                       Dr. Kashi Nath Chatterjee, BGVS J’Khand; Ghalib, BGVS Bihar

 3. Creating Science Popularization Material for Neo-Literates
Chairperson:      K. K. Krishnakumar, KSSP
Resource Persons:         Manoj Kulkarni, MP BGVS, Dr.Prajval Shastri, IISc. Bangalore;
                                    D.Raghunandan, DSF; Dr.D.P. Duari, Director Birla Planetarium;
                                    Dr.Subodh Mohanty, Vigyan Prasar; Dr.Irfana Begum, Vigyan Prasar;

 4. Resource Centers as the centers of learning for teachers and children
Presentations:    Chamrajnagar (DIET);  Tara, BGVS Karnataka; Kantharaju, Deenabandhu

Plenary : Globalisation and Health (10.30 am – 12 noon)
Chairperson: Dr.B.Ekbal, KSSP and former VC, Kerala University
Co-ordinator: Dr.Ajay Khare, MPVS

 Plenary Presentations

 ·        Challenge of Globalisation and impact on health 
       Dr.Amit Sengupta, Delhi Science Forum
·        National Rural Health Mission: The Ground Realities
      Dr.T.Sunderaraman, Director, National Health Resource Centre, New Delhi

Workshops: (4.00 pm – 6.30 pm)

1. Ground realities after Five years of National Rural Health Mission
Co-ordinator:     Gouranga Mahapatra, BGVS Odisa
Presentations:    Community Monitoring and survey by AIPSN members: Gourang Mahapatra;
                        Anil, BGVS Rajasthan; Prabha, BGVS Karnataka;  P. Rajmanikam, TNSF
                        Privatization and PPP: Sanjeev Sinha, BGVS UP
                        Health among marginalized communities: Dr Ajay Khare, MPVS; 
                        Basavraju, BGVS Karnataka
                        Challenges NRHM posing and facing in present scenari: V R Raman

 2. Availablity of Drugs and Vaccines 
Co-ordinator:     Amitava Guha, FMRAI
Presentations:    Crisis in availability of drugs and vaccines: Amitava Guha, FMRAI
                        Campaign on Access to Medicines: Dr.Amit Sengupta, DSF

 3. Right to Health Bill
Co-ordinator:     Dr.Rahul Sharma
Presentations:    Context and time of National Health Bill: Dr.T.Sunderaraman
                        Experiences from Health insurance schemes: Dr Geyanand, JVV, A.P.
4. Kerala Health: From Success to Crisis

Chairperson:      Dr K R Thankappan                  Co-ordinator: Dr.B.Ekbal
Rapporteur:       Dr. K Vijay Kumar
Presentations:    Kerala - Current Status: Dr Biju George
                        KSSP Studies on Kerala Health: Dr K P Aravindan
                        Decentralised Planning and Health Sector in Kerala: Dr K G Radha Krishanan
                        Status of Ayush in Kerala: Dr Deepa Chandran
                        NRHM, Health Insurance schemes in Kerala: Dr Mubarak Sahni
                        Kerala Health Policy Initiative: Dr K Rajmohan

Sub Congress on Social Exclusions

Plenary (9.00 am – 10.30 am)
Co-ordinator: Usha, BGVS, Bihar
Plenary Presentations:
 ·        PSM Perspective on Social Exclusions: 
      Komal Srivastava, Rajasthan BGVS
·        Problems of development and Identity  Politics                                
      Dr.Archana Prasad, Delhi Science Forum
·        Living Beyond Our Means - Natural Assets and Human Well-being
      Prof.M.K.Prasad, KSSP
·        Micro Finance                                                                                
       T.Franco, TNSF

Workshops (1.00 pm – 3.30 pm)

1. Gender 
Co-ordinators:   Usha, BGVS Bihar and Rina, Himachal BGVS
Presentations:    Honour Killings: BGVS Haryana
                        Violence Against Women: Asuntha Parde, BGVS Maharashtra

 2. S&T and Marginalised groups
Co-ordinator:     Vinaya, BGVS Maharashtra 
Presentations:    S&T  women and for livelihood improvement: Pondicherry experience. 
                        Working with Leather workers: Experience of H.P. (STD)
                        Skill Upgradation amongst Adivisi communities: Shilpa, BGVS Rajasthan
3. SHG  and Micro Finance 
Co-ordinators:   T.Franco, TNSF and Pushpa, BGVS Bihar
Presentations:    Experiences from A.P. (JVV);  Assam (Procheta); Tamilnadu (Malar), Bihar, U P., Mandi, H.P., Orissa
4. Poverty inequity and inclusive development of marginalized groups 
Co-ordinators:   Asha Mishra, MP BGVS,   Dr.Archana Prasad, DSF
Presentations:    BGVS Rajasthan  Experience with Muslim Minorities in Jaipur slums
                  Issues related to tribal’s development: BGVS Jharkand Experience 
                  Issues related to Dalits: BGVS UP and Tamil Nadu Science Forum

Sub-Congress on Science Popularisation
Plenary (10.30 am – 12 noon)

Plenary Presentations:

·        Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar: the reticent colossus --
      Dr.Debi Prasad Duari, Director, Birla Planetarium, Kolkata
 ·        P.C.Ray: the chemist and the catalyst for social action --
      Dr.Shyamal Chakraborty, Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta)
·        M.Visvesvaraya: the engineer, who planned for the nation –
      Dr.P.V.Unnikrishnan, State Planning Board, Kerala.
Workshops (4.00 pm – 6.30 pm)
1.      Children’s Science Festival (experiences)
2.      Myths, Superstition and PSM
3.  Sharing Experiences on PSM publications

31st December, 2010
Valedictory Session (9.00 am – 12 noon)

 Chairperson: C.P.Naryanan
·        Special Address: Dr.Roger Penrose (to be confirmed)
·        Report of rapporteurs of Group discussions on 28th 
·        Announcement of new office bearers
·        Address by new General Secretary

Science for Social Revolution / ശാസ്ത്രം സാമൂഹ്യ വിപ്ലവത്തിന്